The Globe and Mail

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The Globe and Mail is Canada’s National Newspaper and the daily must-read for people who want to know about the essential stories, facts and opinions that affect our world.

With a distinguished history of more than 160 years, The Globe and Mail provides insightful content on domestic and international news, business, arts, sports and life issues. The Globe and Mail provides fresh perspective, deep analysis, insight and perspective.

The Globe and its staff have garnered major awards for their work including multiple National Newspaper Awards and National Magazine Awards, the Michener Award for public service journalism, the Eppy for online journalism.

The most authoritative news in Canada featuring breaking news coverage, national news, international news, sports and a Report on Business, The Globe and Mail engages Canada in an on-going conversation.

The Kindle Edition of The Globe and Mail contains most articles and images found in the print edition. Some features such as the crossword puzzle, box scores and classifieds are not currently available. For your convenience, issues are automatically delivered Monday through Saturday starting at 6:00 AM Toronto local time.